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6 FREE and EASY tips for using Social Media to promote your event

By Amanda, Jan 12 2017 10:10PM

Whether it’s a restaurant launch, retail opening night, product unveiling, networking event, festival or even a new fitness class these 6 simple Social Media tips will help you get people to sit up, take notice and get off their bums (and onto your seats) to attend your event!

1) Share, share and share again!

Once you have all the fine details for your event, start by creating a Facebook event page and keep it up to date with everything to do with whatever it is you are launching or celebrating.

Within this, include everything from who’s going to be hosting or presenting, the programme, the venue and key timings etc.

Will there be refreshments? What do people need to wear? Do they need to bring anything? Do they need to buy tickets? If so, add links to information to where they can buy whatever it is they need.

Include an eye catching and appealing cover photo to your Facebook event page for share appeal. Once your event page is ready to go, start using it to get people talking and engaging, throw a question or two out there, share funny related stories, quotes, tease the line-up and announcements… and just get people interested!

Don’t forget to share your event content across all your Social Media channels, you don’t want to miss a trick by just focusing on Facebook alone.

2) Hashtag It!

Create a unique and memorable Hashtag to promote your event and start using it long before your event date!

Whenever you post anything, on your Social Media channels, particularly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, remember to include your event hashtag and encourage others to start using it too.

Don’t make it too obscure, cryptic or clever though, as you want newbies to know what it’s about and also people need to be able to remember it too – it needs to be snappy and relevant!

Getting your event hashtag out there and getting other people to start using it is a great way for you to keep a track of all the online ‘chatter’ about your event, and also to see what pictures and videos people are posting about the date itself.

Remember to keep it consistent and use the same hashtag across all Social Media Channels.

3) Behind the Scenes

Share behind the scenes photos and videos of the lead up and preparation of your event to build anticipation and excitement. This allows your audience to see the hard work and commitment that is going into your event, and gives them a sense of involvement and engagement.

4) In It To Win It

Never underestimate the power of a competition or prize draw to drum up excitement!

Run competitions, give away tickets, promotional freebies, priority entry or free X for the first 100 people. Make sure to give people a reason to repeat buy by giving them an incentive to come back and/or recommend a friend etc.

They may seem like ‘old hat’, in terms of promotional strategies, but people LOVE an incentive to try, buy and come back!

5) Dare to go LIVE!

It’s a musicians real test – to play live, but with Facebook Live you can do likewise and showcase your event - it’s massive at the moment. It may seem a bit scary at first but it’s a fantastic way to engage your audience. Use it before, during and after the event and talk about the line up, running order, offers and anything else that’s relevant.

Also, build anticipation by setting a time to go LIVE for revealing guest speakers, attendees, hosts and DJs it’s great way to great a buzz around your event.

6) It pays to pay!

Social Media Advertising can be a tough cookie to get right. However, using Facebook to target relevant audiences can be very effective.

You can actually be quite specific about your audience and target by age, gender, location and people’s interests, so it’s a great way to build a relevant audience and you control the spend, so it can be set to whatever you can afford.

If you follow our tips your event will have a great chance of going off with a bang and be a knock-out-sell-out event!

We hope you found this blog useful, but we’ve only just scratched the surface here!

Keep a close eye out for the next instalment about using social media to give you a great return on promoting your product, event or service and please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about anything you’ve read here or email me at [email protected]


Little Miss Office

Whether it’s a restaurant launch, retail opening night, product unveiling, networking event, festival or even a new fitness class these 6 simple Social Media tips will help you get people to sit up, take notice and get off their bums (and onto your seats) to attend your event!

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