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By Amanda, Apr 11 2013 12:41PM

Email marketing is an excellent and very cost-effective way to keep your customers up to date with your services and offers. It’s low cost, quick and with careful thought and planning it can achieve really great results for small businesses.

Here are our 6 tips to get you started in creating an effective Email Marketing Campaign

1) Have a Strategy

With so many email platforms around these days, it can be so tempting to jump straight in with two feet, create a newsletter, send it out with no idea what you intend to do or say next. Hold your horses… before doing this, think about what you want to achieve by using email as part of your overall Marketing Strategy. This will help you to plan out what you intend to do and when you should do it, rather than sending a rushed one-off newsletter and being disappointed with the results.

2) Be Consistent

Once a strategy is established, it will help you to be consistent with your emails/newsletters. Don’t leave it too long between newsletters - as with Social Media, it is important to keep up a presence. Try and send at least one monthly newsletter. Using our experience as a guide, we have found that fortnightly emails tend to work well. The dangers of sending too many emails, such as sending more than one a week, is that people feel bombarded by them, have less interest in the content, given the frequency and, ultimately, people start unsubscribing!

3) Know Your Audience

It is so important for the content to be relevant to your audience, to keep them engaged and interested. With many email platforms you can segment your data, to allow you to target potential customers with information/offers you know they will be interested in and, at the same time, remove information that has no relevance to them at all. Initially, this may take more time than sending out a blanket email, but the long-term results will be worth the effort.

4) Test, Test and Test Again!

We can’t stress enough the importance of testing, in fact this probably needs a blog post all of its own! Test titles, test content, test timings of send – in fact, test everything but not all at once! By doing true A/B split testing on your email campaigns, you will learn what works for your business, it’s important to only test one thing at a time though so you can learn which difference had the desired effect. There is obviously much research out there that is available as a reference, but only by testing these things yourself will you truly find out what works for you and, ultimately, allow you to achieve the best results from your emails.

It is also VERY important to test your email before you send it out, to test the appearance across various browsers, to ensure you are achieving a professional look which will leave your readers with a good impression.

5) Have a Strong Call To Action

Make sure your audience knows what they need to do next (more importantly, what you want them to do next). Give them all the information they need to get in touch. i.e. contact number, link to email, link through to website - make it as easy as it can be for them to do it!

6) Measure and Learn

As we said, testing is very important… BUT, make sure all tests are measurable, otherwise they tell you nothing.

Key metrics relating to email marketing are things like; Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Click Through Rates, Forward Rates, Unsubscribe Rates, Spam Rates and A/B Split Test Results.

By constantly testing new things, you can tweak your original strategy accordingly, using your results and findings from your previous campaigns. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t… then find new tests!

So, these are Little Miss Office’s top tips for creating highly effective email campaigns.

If it all seems a little daunting or that it will take a lot of time and effort, we can plan, design, write and broadcast your email campaigns, meaning you can concentrate all your efforts on dealing with all the responses from the email!

If you would like more information please call us for a chat on 0774 711 0715 or email [email protected]

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