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By Amanda, Jul 25 2019 12:07PM

When you are self-employed, finding that work-life balance is tough. You are your business and it is hard not to let work come into other aspects of your life.

Finding a balance is key, so you can still enjoy your personal life without business always being in the picture. What’s more, constantly focusing on work can bring more stress, so it is good to know how to take a step back from the office, so your mental health is on top form.

So, here are 5 tips to help you improve work-life balance:

1. Work somewhere else

You may have heard that it is bad to ‘bring the office home with you’. However, when you are self-employed, your office is your home. Separating the two is important to get that work-life split. What’s more, staying in one place all day does get lonely and can have an impact on your mental health. Try going down to a local café to work or join a co-working space to get a change of scenery, meet like-minded people and get that definition between work and home.

2. Set yourself strict working hours

It can be all too tempting to check your emails in the middle of the night or check your phone during a family dinner. To stop your business interfering with your home life, set yourself strict working hours. After all, if employees working in an office work 9 to 5, then so can you, if you want to.

3. Plan and schedule

Running your own business requires a strong online presence. However, this creates a feeling of always having to be on your phone, checking social media etc. and it can easily eat into your home life. Make sure your organisation is on top form, plan your work and schedule social media posts, so you can have content being published with little effort.

4. Hire a virtual assistant

When you have too much work on your plate, it could affect your home life. Being self-employed doesn’t just involve your client work, but all the other tasks that go into running a business as well. Managing your own social media, website and content, as well as admin, finances and the list goes on. Seek help with your business and consider hiring a virtual assistant to help, so that your work does not overflow into your personal life. Get in touch if you would like to know how I can help and reduce your workload and improve your work-life balance.

5. Don’t be afraid to take a break allocated

If you were an employee in a company, you’d get a certain amount of holidays/annual leave, and self-employed life should be no different. It’s ok to take a break, in fact it’s vital for your mental health and wellbeing. Set yourself some holiday time every year, so you can have a rest when it’s needed.

I really hope these tips help you take steps to create a better work-life balance. Big thanks to Megan for putting this article together.

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