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Here we'll share with you our latest news, updates, hints and tips and anything we think you will find interesting and helpful along your way in business.


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By Amanda, Sep 3 2019 03:08PM

Running your own online business can be pretty overwhelming, especially as there are so many different tasks to focus on and, often, just you to do them. You suddenly have to become an expert in everything, from social media and design to project management and leading meetings to name but a few. However, the seemingly endless to-do list can be made a whole lot quicker and easier by using just a few FREE on-line tools, to make running your business smoother and your life a little easier.


Let’s start with the to-do list itself. Do you ever write lists down on a piece of paper or notebook and can’t find it later? Trello is a free app which allows you to organise your projects and tasks. You can create different boards for each project and tick off a task when completed. A great tool to use for staying organised and a great one to manage client projects together, as you add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels, due dates and more, keeping everything organised and in one place.


Do you need Pinterest graphics? Instagram quote posts? Web design features?

Graphic design features heavily when running an online business and not everyone has the passion or desire to be a designer. Canva is an amazing free tool which makes graphic design one of the easiest parts of running your business. There are templates for social media posts, business documents and much more. Alternatively, you can make your own designs from scratch. I absolutely love Canva!


When you have an online business, it’s likely that some of your clients will not be in the same area as you or won't always have the time to meet face-to-face. That is where Zoom comes in, it’s the go-to platform for video conferencing and webinars for when you are not able to be in the same room as your client.


Planoly is an Instagram management app, where you can plan out your feed, schedule posts, track your analytics and store your hashtags to name but a few. If you are struggling to find the time to post on Instagram everyday on top of everything else, try batch working and schedule a week’s worth of posts to free up time in the week. I love the fact that Planoly lets you plan your grid, this is a great tool especially if you like your Instagram grid to look a certain way.


Hootsuite is another Social Media scheduling tool. You can manage multiple social media accounts, meaning you can schedule from your Hootsuite account to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. You can schedule posts to publish hours, days or weeks in advance, saving you so much time and the free version also includes basic analytics.

Most of these tools also have paid versions with extra benefits but you’ll probably find their free versions are good enough for what you need.

Whether you’re just starting out on your online business journey or just looking to make your life simpler, I hope you find these tools useful, I certainly do.

These free tools should make those time-consuming tasks that little bit less stressful and all these tools also have App versions, meaning you can manage them from your phone or tablet too! If you need any help and assistance with any of these tools or with your social media do get in touch I’d love to help you.

Once again big thanks to Megan for her assistance with this article. :)

By Amanda, Jul 11 2019 03:27PM

I am delighted to introduce you to lifestyle blogger, Megan, who will be helping with content here on the Little Miss Office blog and social media over the summer, whilst learning more about the ins, outs, ups and downs of running a small online business!

Here’s a few facts about Megan, so you can get to know her better:

1. Long-term blogger

Megan has blogged for 5 years, 3 of which are on her current blog. During this time, she has picked up lots of useful blogging tips and shares them with her readers. Megan’s goal with her blog is to help people create a happier, healthier, simpler and more sustainable life through blogging, eco-friendly, creativity and wellbeing content.

2. Freelance writer

Alongside blogging, Megan has also worked as a freelance writer for over 2 years. She produces articles on a variety of topics including blogging, lifestyle tips and much more.

3. University student

Megan studies Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Leeds and is about to start her final year.

4. In her spare time…

If she’s not blogging or studying, Megan enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the UK and bullet journaling. Her ideal night would be curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea binge watching Friends.

5. Invisible illness and mental health advocate

Having been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Hydrocephalus and Crohn’s disease, Megan is a strong advocate for invisible medical conditions and mental health. She offers health and wellbeing content on her blog, as well as taking part in awareness days to provide more knowledge on the conditions.

This is something I have a big interest in, as one of my long standing clients promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, so this was a perfect fit!

So, exciting and new times for Little Miss Office and it’s also lovely to have someone to bounce ideas around with for a change!

To find out more about Megan and read her blog, head to

By Amanda, Jan 12 2017 10:10PM

Whether it’s a restaurant launch, retail opening night, product unveiling, networking event, festival or even a new fitness class these 6 simple Social Media tips will help you get people to sit up, take notice and get off their bums (and onto your seats) to attend your event!

1) Share, share and share again!

Once you have all the fine details for your event, start by creating a Facebook event page and keep it up to date with everything to do with whatever it is you are launching or celebrating.

Within this, include everything from who’s going to be hosting or presenting, the programme, the venue and key timings etc.

Will there be refreshments? What do people need to wear? Do they need to bring anything? Do they need to buy tickets? If so, add links to information to where they can buy whatever it is they need.

Include an eye catching and appealing cover photo to your Facebook event page for share appeal. Once your event page is ready to go, start using it to get people talking and engaging, throw a question or two out there, share funny related stories, quotes, tease the line-up and announcements… and just get people interested!

Don’t forget to share your event content across all your Social Media channels, you don’t want to miss a trick by just focusing on Facebook alone.

By guest, Feb 16 2012 06:26PM

We thought what better opportunity than to use our very first blog post to tell you all about our decision to have a slight change of business name!

Here goes... after much thought (and chin stroking!) we have decided to change Little Miss Office Virtual Assistant to Little Miss Office Business Services.

“Why?” we hear you cry?!

Well, since LMO launched its Virtual Assistant (VA) service, carrying out business administration tasks, like typing, invoicing, diary management etc, we have found that the business has taken a slightly different direction than we first thought.

We’re finding that more of the clients we are working for are requiring more marketing based support (which is actually our background) with a particular demand for social media management and marketing communications (posters, leaflets, copywriting, design work, email marketing and other digital marketing media).

We’re still here, of course, if you do need the more day-to-day style administrative tasks carrying out and we’re happy to talk to you about anything like that, we just felt that the VA tag didn’t, perhaps, say just what Little Miss Office can do for your business.

We've still got a way to go updating our website to fully reflect our new name and services but this is a start.

So there you go! Welcome to Little Miss Office Business Services!

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