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By Amanda, Jan 12 2017 10:10PM

Whether it’s a restaurant launch, retail opening night, product unveiling, networking event, festival or even a new fitness class these 6 simple Social Media tips will help you get people to sit up, take notice and get off their bums (and onto your seats) to attend your event!

1) Share, share and share again!

Once you have all the fine details for your event, start by creating a Facebook event page and keep it up to date with everything to do with whatever it is you are launching or celebrating.

Within this, include everything from who’s going to be hosting or presenting, the programme, the venue and key timings etc.

Will there be refreshments? What do people need to wear? Do they need to bring anything? Do they need to buy tickets? If so, add links to information to where they can buy whatever it is they need.

Include an eye catching and appealing cover photo to your Facebook event page for share appeal. Once your event page is ready to go, start using it to get people talking and engaging, throw a question or two out there, share funny related stories, quotes, tease the line-up and announcements… and just get people interested!

Don’t forget to share your event content across all your Social Media channels, you don’t want to miss a trick by just focusing on Facebook alone.

By Amanda, Dec 12 2014 10:51AM

As a big supporter of women in business, every Wednesday, the lovely Jacqueline Gold (CEO of Ann Summers) asks female entrepreneurs to send her a tweet about their business. From all the tweets she then selects three businesses, which she thinks look interesting with strong brand values and have the potential to grow and succeed in their industry. She looks for well-designed websites and entrepreneurs who appear to have good business sense and who have thought about what the consumer wants and how to deliver it.

She then retweets her three winning businesses to her followers, which currently stands at over 46,000. (She’s one popular lady!)

Imagine how excited and honoured I was, this week, to discover that I had been chosen as a winner by Jacqueline which she retweeted to all of her followers?! I was in the White Rose Shopping Centre, in Leeds, at the time, meeting up with a friend over coffee - I think the whole place must have heard me!

I also received this lovely badge that I can display with pride on my website, to show that Jacqueline is a fan of my business. I am overwhelmed at the response I have already received, with lots of enquiries coming in as a result.

What a fantastic way to end the year for Little Miss Office!

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